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Publié le 19 Mai 2010

Store collab For boy
Free Gift with €7.00 Purchase.

Charity Kit Loving Memory
Price: €6.00
A huge charity collab kit for those who are gone too fast and left behind them their familly. I've decide to make this huge collab for helping the wife and the children of a friend who's gone too fast i'll help his children and wife to keep their head out of the water. This huge kit contains more 94 amazing papers and 318 wonderful various elements.
It was made by 23 designers and i would love to thank them for the help they give to me! I'll never forgot it! Thanks to:
Holly Designs, July Designs, MDesigns, Pouyou Designs, Seni Designs, Chouk77, Albina, Cucciola Designs, Noshay Designs, Bluebell Designs, Loloden Designs, Chriscrap Designs, Piccolini Angeli, Fanette Designs, Faith True, Irene Alexeeva, Krakatuka, Kitty Designs, missK, NatashaNast Designs, Ninie Designs, Ptite Souris Designs.

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DesignByGinger Sea With Fantasy

Ouhlalasouris designs A precious moment

Ouhlalasouris designs House of happiness

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alinamaria 20/05/2010 06:44

ton morceau de ciel est une merveille!
Clara me propose de relayer un défi... NOSTALGIE
Je t'explique sur mon blog...merci