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Publié le 17 Avril 2011

 New from Creative Pixels Designs!

Hello Digiscraper world ! Good morning and happy Sunday !!!

We all are very excited with the arrival of the races for the adsr!!

Thus, as promised in our previous news, here is a small explanation on the adsr:

"The Amazing Digi Scrapping Race (ADSR) is based on the U.S. TV show, The Amazing Race,

where teams of two race around the globe, visiting various countries and completing challenges

to win a big prize. With our version, teams of two digi scrappers will "race" around the internet,

visiting various sites to complete challenges.

There will be a total of 12 challenges over 6 weeks (2 challenges per week).

Each team that completes a challenge will get a prize from the site that hosts it, so yes,

a prize for all of those who complete your challenge.

usually have around 200 racers. That is 200 people that will visit CPD.

They have no choice, because the ONLY place they can find out what the challenge rules

are for your challenge will be at your site. No one else is allowed to post the challenge"

Here is, then, the reason for our delay with the news.

We are having visits , many of them!!

Come also to visit us, to follow up the challenge, to meet new people!!

Our rules are ready, just waiting for the beautifull layouts:)

The racers arrive this Sunday !!

Then, let's give the honors of the house

The Amazing Digi Scrapping Race is here!

We are very proud to be one of the official Sponsors of the ADSR race!

We will be holding a challenge for the racing teams of scrappers, with a prize at the end

for completing a layout! 157 teams racing this year! (each team is compound by 2 persons!)



Now, let's turn to the novelties of our store.

We are officially launching this week our "color Inspiration"

They are several products made by our creatives, all of them based in a same color in the palette.

There are both CU and PU products!

And putting modesty aside, we cannot be quiet " products are gorgeous!!

Let's get to them :









You may find also other new products in the store,

and other products that also make the difference

and as usual ...wonderfull !!!!.

Let's look at them?

by Benthaicreatons:

Novaczka Designs

by Butterfly Dsign

by PapierStudio Silke

Creative Juliya

Creative FafBr

Creative Jasmin Olya

Creative Alenka

Creative Maria Designs

and here an important reminder!!

All your purchases turn into points and afterwards

you just add them up to rescue them in the store, exchanging them for a product of your choice!!

Unmissing, this is wonderfull, isn't it !!!


Visit our gallery and get inspired with the most gorgeous creations that are there.

And, thus, we stop here for this week !

'Til our next news, dear customers

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thank you!!
Creative Pixels Designs.

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