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Publié le 22 Juillet 2011

We have some GREAT new products for you today, our Collaboration Kit this month and the CU Grabbag, both on special and both absolutely AWESOME - it´s all about Photography!

And don´t forget - EVERY ORDER enters our LOTTERY!!!!


CU Grabbag - revealed - so have a look at 13 awesome products!

Tons of handdrawn UNIQUE items from our designers!

You'll LOVE them!

Say Cheese (CU) Grabbag by Digidesignresort

$13.00 $7.90
Save: 39% off

That´s less than ONE $$$ per product!!!

But absolutely LIMITED TIME ONLY

"Say Cheese!" is a Grabbag with 13 fantastic CU products created for you to create kits photography or all kind of layouts.
It´s an awesome collection of papers, hand drawn elements and frames, wordart and whatever comes to your mind when you think about

This fantastic product is created for you by

Alevtina's Designs, Azur Designs, Benthaicreations, ButterflyDesignz, Frenchgirl Designs, Kakleidesigns, Maria Designs, MariR Designs,
Mari89, PascaleA Designs, Shien Designs, Papierstudio Silke and Simplette Designs.

...and the collaboration kit "Say Cheese" - which perfectly fits!

Say Cheese Collaboration Kit (PU/S4H) by Digidesignresort

Sale: $8.00
Save: 20% off

"Say Cheese!" is a perfect kits for all your every day snapshots. It contains tons of elements, papers and wordart to show your beautiful photos.
This kit contains 48 papers and 112 elements and is created for you by:
Aquarius Designs, Benthaicreations, Colleen Lynch, Helena Monteiro, JanetB Designs, Kakleidesigns, MaChabine, Maria Designs, Mediteranka Designs,
Monika Designs, PascaleA Designs, Studio 4 Designs, Papierstudio Silke, Simplette Designs and Tricia Curtis.



Whatever you buy from July, 15th until August, 15th will be a LOTTERY Ticket for our Birthday Bash with GORGOUS prizes

(Your order number will be your ticket number, we´ll let Mr. Random choose on August, 16th and announce the winners in August 16th Newsletter!

The MORE often you buy (even for small amounts, there is no minimum) the more tickets you have!

1st prize - the BRANDNEW Artist Studio DVD 6 - NOT YET released - value 180$

2nd prize - gift coupon for all Digidesignresort Collaboration Kits, Grabbags, Specials about 30$

3rd prize - one Artist Studio DVD of your choice

4th prize - Safari Lounge Intermediate Class - learn how to become a designer

5th prize - Safari Lounge Beginner Class - learn how to become a designer


Our new Free w/Purchase - Birthday Party Collaboration Kit

This HUGE kit is free with any purchase of 30$ (limited time ONLY)

Here layouts for your inspiration...

But for all of you who just need the one or other part, we broke this HUGE kit into three pieces

FREE with purchase of 10$.... (you can add ONE part with every 10$ you spend)

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