FREE Treasure Box

Publié le 14 Août 2014

I'd like to share a treasure box with you...

the amazing creative Just Jaimee has free publications.

Enjoy your time reading the STORYTELLING issues....

the best you can find online and FREE.

Thank ou so much for sharing your talent Just Jaimee


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Benthaicreations 21/08/2014 18:43

The link is available in my post. I can give it back to you :

Benthaicreations 21/08/2014 23:43

They are the treasure bos as Jaimee share them for free

K 21/08/2014 21:16

Yes, I did follow the link. I did not see a treasure box. I saw many magazines. I guess I'm supposed to read them all? That is what I meant by Where.